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Our team is lead by Dr Peter Malinowski, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University, teaching Cognitive Neuroscience and Positive Psychology. Peter has a first degree and a PhD in Psychology and has completed a foundational training in person-centred psychotherapy with the ‘Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftliche Gesprächspsychotherapie (GwG)' in Germany. His expertise is built on almost 25 years of own meditation experience and close to 20 years as authorised meditation teacher within one of the four major traditions of Tibetan Buddhism (the Karma Kagyu School of Diamond Way Buddhism). He is a much sought after teacher, regularly invited to teach meditation or give lectures on the link between science and meditation. In recent years he visited for instance Austria, Australia, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Peter has developed our mindfulness @ work programmes, integrating a modern psychological and scientific approach and the ancient knowledge of improving mental functions and discovering the inherent qualitites of mind.

In his own research Peter focuses on the neuroscientific investigation of attentional functions and on physiological as well as psychological effects of meditation practice. The exciting mixture of these two perspectives becomes evident in many aspects of his work.

Peter authored various scientific as well as more general articles and book chapters on mindfulness, meditation and attentional functions.

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