What participants said about the programme

Mindfulness @ work has been offered for several years as staff development opportunity at Liverpool John Moores University.
About 100 colleagues have taken part in the programme so far and provided an overwhelmingly positive feedback on the programme and its facilitation.
Read some of their responses on below:

"Very useful, I can see potential benefits to both my personal life and work life."

"The wisdom of the teachings and a profound practical experience of meditation were particularly useful."

"A good insight into what ‘being mindful’ means; good at raising my awareness. The session encouraged me to find out more about meditation."

"A simple and straightforward explanation of the concepts and methods."

"Excellent presentation and extremely useful content."

"As a result of today’s session, I realised how I have incorporated mindfulness into my life both consciously and unconsciously."


One Participant:

"It was very useful for me and will be an excellent tool